I'm wanting to upgrade guitars, and I've got it narrowed down to the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plain Top and Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top.
The Plus Top is listed at $649 at most places, and the Plain Top is $549.
I've been looking and can't really find any difference between the two kinds, aside from the price. Does anybody know what the difference is, and if so, if the Plus Top is worth the extra $100?

Also, if anybody owns either of the guitars and reccommends one of them or something in the same price range, that would be fine too.

Sorry if it's a stupid question.
The plus top has a flamed maple top.

The plain top has a plain wooden top.

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i think the only difference is that the plus top has a flammed maple veneer, so i think its all astetics and eyes pleaseing, they are both the same one just looks better that is of course if ur getting one with a see through finish, if not the go with the plain top
theyre gonna sound basically the same. you just gotta decide if the appearance is worth the $100 difference.
They are exactly the same except for the finish.

I have an Epiphone Les Paul standard with a Plus top (pics on my profile). It was $500 on sale back around Christmas of 2007. The plain top was $400 and the plus top (mine)was $500. This is a private store that is not a chain so I don't know the odds of finding another deal like that.

Anyways, I like the plus top just because I think it looks cool, but you can easily live without it, the plain top looks nice too.
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