Hey all,

I have a JM signature strat and the sticker that says "original contour body" on the headstock ( http://www.classicvintageguitars.com/fender/stratocasters/1963_files/63strat_headstock.jpg ) somehow got rippled...i assume by me. Its already missing a small piece from my first attempt to adjust it, so i want to get a new one....ive been looking all over the net and i can't find one...anyone have any suggestions? Any help is appreciated...thanks.
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well first its "original contour body" and it should be stuck down with the finish on the wood, like glossed over, mine is
apparently the John Mayer strat is different, because the sticker isnt part of the main fender sticker, and it doesn't appear to have been lacquered over....i checked another JM strat at a guitar shop near my place to make sure i wasn't going crazy for thinking this and it appeared to be the same? (not lacquered over)

Thanks to the guys that replied, maybe i should keep it as it is, but its like something always being in the corner of my proverbial eye when i play that specific guitar...that god damn decal being f'ed up!

But anyway...if anyone can tell me a better place to find those decals...i would be appreciative.