Aside from the bad grammar in the title. I've been wondering, how do i know when My barre chords are failing because the action is just too high or a lack of strength. I'm finding it pretty hard to barre anywhere probably the 3rd and 4th frets are the only places i can get a nice solid barre going. everywhere else is requiring an immense amount of force just the get the the top 3 strings.

If it is because if the action, how do I lower the action? I'm fairly new to the guitar but I can say that I'm not as incompetent as I was 3 months ago. I'm able to tune, replace strings, keep it clean and such. But lowering and raising the action was something I never learned. I'm guessing it has to do with the nut...and is it possible for me to do it with having to buy new stuff.
The easiest way to figure out if your action is out of wack is to bring it to a guitar store (or to any experienced guitarist, for that matter). They will tell you if it's a mechanical problem and you can proceed from there.

In terms of adjusting action (if that is indeed the case), do a search in this forum. You'll find lots of descriptions about what you need to do.
Um heres another tip... wheres your thumb? If it hangs over the top it may explain the lack of "power" youre exerting on the strings.

It should be in line with the middle of the back of the neck, so your fingers become perpindicular to the fretboard, instead of angled. You get more bang for your buck that way

If you find your thumb is going over the top of the neck a lot then watch the back of the neck as you play. Itll feel weird at first if youre used to resting the back of the neck in between the thumb and index (It feels natural at first but if you switch to the way I just mentioned, after a while itll feel better, and your wrist will be straight so you wont develop wrist isssues.) What I did on my piece of crap guitar was took a line of electrical tape and cut it so it was about the width of a pencil and ran it down the middle of the neck, then made sure my thumb was always on this spot.

Hope it helps

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Thats a good tip Camdon

Thanks, means a lot to me

And another tip, You have 2 choices really, Painters tape is better if youre keeping the guitar because the glue wont ruin the finish.

If you dont care about it however or are replaceing it soon then the electrical tape is the "better" option because theres less friction.

The guitar I did it on only cost me 75$ so yea....

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Will do I actually don't know the price of my guitar..it was my sisters then she gave it to me when i decided to learn. I just know its a Carlo Robelli.
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Will do I actually don't know the price of my guitar..it was my sisters then she gave it to me when i decided to learn. I just know its a Carlo Robelli.

To be safe then Id use painters tape. It has more friction than electrical but will do little to no damage to the finish. Youll only need it for a week or two anyway. I found I quickly adapted to my new style. Just as when I started using a pick after 4 years of classical fingerpicking and also when I started to really use my pinky.

Itll come with time my brother

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