Hey guys im looking to rewire my guitar but i don't have alot of practice soldering

any tips?
be patient and go slowly, i first learned replacing the pups in my strat
it's not a hard thing to learn

edit: and wear some kind of gloves for heat protection, you don't want to pick the iron up from the wrong end like i almost did
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Yeah I solder for work so my tips would be, get a solder iron with a thick tip...not one of those tiny ones where it would take forever to heat up the solder. Next in line get some thick gauged solder. All you really have to do is hold the iron on the solder until it melts than you are able to pull over the wires/capacitors. Once you replace everything to resolder everything one hold it on the item you want to solder for a lil so it makes the whole piece warm, cause the warmer it is, the more the solder will spread quicker and eaiser for you. That's pretty much it you can ask me more questions if you need
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push only a small amount of solder to the iron at a time, otherise u suddenly get a huge glop of solder and this conencts different parts of the circuit bourd and cause a short circuit. try to make a little pyramid around the wire of the component of its on a bourd, if its jsut wires then try to get an all round connection, this helps electricty flow and strenghens the connection. two GCSE's in engineering tand thats the first time its been at all usefull.
buy a simple circuit kit of ebay and practise on that then try

you dont need to wear gloves for heat protection just be careful and PAY ATTENTION i didnt and picked up my soldering iron by the handle yeah bad burns on my dominant hand

pay attention and it wont happen gloves with make it awkward

id also buy something like this http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=380092350295&cguid=46de5dfc11e0a0e205158fe5fe1f076d

it ill help alot,

and get a de soldering pump or solder sucker, just incase you mess it up

also your want a wet sponge so you can clean the tip off the iron while soldering

sorry for the wall of text
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Hey guys im looking to rewire my guitar but i don't have alot of practice soldering

any tips?

start practicing. make yourself a whole bunch of cables or something.