Hey, I was just wondering for the day I make this mistake so I'd know what'd happen.
What happens if I turn the power switch on before doing the standby for 30sec? What happens if i turn the power switch w/o turning the standby and play on it? is there any way I'll be able to blow my amp up using only standby/power switches?
it wouldnt necessarily blow up the amp, it just wears out the tubes and transformers and can cause long term problems

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It may reduce the life of your tubes a bit, and it may fry them, but it won't damage your amp. The standby switch simply turns on tube heaters, which bring the tubes to operating temperature so they aren't damaged by the immediacy of full-volume playing and the like. The only real damage that could happen is fried tubes...as far as I know, but someone far more knowledgeable than me could help you in the Tube thread. Roc8995 is a mod, and he really knows his stuff about tubes.
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