I recently learned a fairly easy song, a horse with no name by America, but when i play it, i sound completely different, some help? The song is in my profile under help!. Thanks in advance.
To me it sounds like your strumming pattern is off. It's hard for me to verbalize how I play it, but maybe you should listen to the song more closely? I know it's not much help, but maybe try to sing along with it as well. If you try to match your playing with the words to the song, it could help. Start with a basic down/up pattern and change it until you get what you want.
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It sounds like your rhythm is a little off. The actual song has a specific pattern of upstrokes/downstrokes, and matching up with those will definitely help you get it right. Also, make sure you pay attention to how the strings are muted in between strums in certain parts.

*Edit: I was listening to this version, not the one you just posted. Good luck tho

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