I have a Super Reverb and a Crate V16. I want to be able to switch between them mid song so I can use the SR for cleans and the Crate for my drive. Do I just need an A/B/Y or something else? If you have any suggestions on some good ones or know some plans to build what is needed, I would be a very happy man. Thanks!
A/B/Y is your answer.... if you never wanna run both at the same time then just A/B

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Ok, well that is what I thought. I might want to experiment with the clean slightly mixed with my dirt so who knows.

Anyone know of some good A/B/Y pedals? Under $100 would be ideal.

This is the first one that came up on guitarcenter.com. I don't know if it's any good, though. It has some bad reviews.


This one is probably the best... it has a clean boost to compensate for loss from splitting the signal.


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If you don't build one, get the Whirlwind Audio Switcher. It's the best one I've used.
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