i've done searches, nothing seems to answer my questions, thnx

I have audacity, and i can use it and am FARELY satisfied at how it is, and don't really feel like spending any money on anything else.

I have a pc with 1GB ram and dual core, it works ok i suppose but again, no money to upgrade

what i am looking to buy is a mic and a USB interface

max for both is like £70 and that is absolute max because i'm saving for a amp :P

it needs to be able to record from my amp when i get it (mic), vocals, acoitsic guitar (i know i should have more than one mic but it hink one should do for the quality) and DI from a bass amp, Also it should be able to do afrely well percussion stuff like bongos, triangles, and wood hahahaha. I'm not sure how many inputs i need because we are planning to do one track at a time, but it needs to do all this farely well. Not sure what else i need.

Thanks for any help and specific suggestions, thanks.
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go for a usb mic.


you could do the whole take a mic to 1/4 cord and add an 1/8 adapter. plus any old mic (noncondenser). It works, but don't expect great things.


then you get some modeling software as well. and anything line in will sound better this way.

Good luck with finding something that works for you, and if your gonna do the line 6 then you better act fast.

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Gosh, you want to be able to do a lot of stuff for your £70... do you know how expensive this stuff is?

Anyway, for the price I would probably go for a USB mic as well, even though I don't normally like them. Something like a Blue Snowball or a Samson CO1 USB could work well.
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