I recently bought 2 guitars.One is a Washburn Idol series and it was used.The other is a Greg Bennett Avion AV1 guitar and it was bought brand new the same day the music store got it from the factory.

My problem with the Washburn is I played it for maybe a month with no problems at all.After the first month or so I started having problem with breaking the high E string.I took the guitar to my uncle who is a expert guitar repair tech.He filed down the tailpiece hole for the string because it was breaking around where the stirng gets wound.The problem stopped for a week or so and started again.

Since then I broke maybe 3-4 high E strings and I took it back to my uncle and hes dumbfounded at what the problem might be.The Greg Bennett guitar is doing the same thing except it started 3 days after I bought the guitar.So my uncle filed down the tailpiece on that one to and its still doing it.

So my question is even though I lowered the action to where I think its supposed to be what would be the problem? Should we file down the string slot on the bridge or what should I do. Also how should the action be setup maybe I set it to high or something I dont know I just really need help because I have a show to do in a couple days and dont have time to get it into a shop and my uncle is on his 2nd honeymoon in Jamacia and wont be back for 3 weeks. Please help me Id really apperciate it.
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action wont have anyhting to do with strings snaping i dont think. if it does than that doesnt make sence to me. what brand/guage strings are you using? have you tried different brand strings? are you using the same strings on both guitars?
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Im using D'Addario super light guage .009 - .042. I do use the same strings on both guitars. And no I have not tried ant other brand of strings except ernie ball super slinky and dont like them. Got any suggestions as to type of strings. I play blues/rock,slide blues,and just plain old school rock.
Seems odd they are snapping on both guitars...when do they break? How do you re-string them?
maybe you should work on how hard you are strumming/picking? it's pretty darn obvious.. and maybe try get higher gauge stringers

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It is odd they are on both guitars.They break after about 4-5 days or so after I change the string,and I restring them like you would any other guitar and Sammm1 I use a thin pick alot of the time except when I know Im gonna need a heavier one and then its not heavier then a medium and yea im goin to try higher guage strings