I was watching this guy's cover of Only Ash Remains by Necrophagist, and decided to check out his one man prog-death band. It blew me away.


That's the myspace, give it a listen. I'm sure most of you have seen his covers on YouTube already, and if you have, you'll love his band.
Yeah, I've seen this guy on youtube before. He's a really good guitarist. I'll be sure to check this out.

EDIT: Listening to Entropia right now, and it sounds pretty good so far. I like it.
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I subbed to him on youtube a while ago, says he learns all songs by ear and he just about plays them flawlessly. He's been in like ten bands to, covering just about every genre in metal lol.
This guy is really popular on Youtube...

pretty good band, sounds like Decapitated with more leads.
Haha I love the faces tat guy makes in his videos.
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that guy is awesome, i've been listening to his solo album

also he's in exquisite pus, its a tech death metal band and they're great