I bought a Blackstar HT-5H and am about to get a cab. I'm starting to think about getting headphones first... Could you guys recommend anything? Do styles matter here I dunno, but I will go with as much distortion as I can get an I also purchased a metal muff.

Also, how would it sound?

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look at sennheisers. idk how it sound, it depends mainly on how good the speaker emulation is. again though, remember never to turn it on if there isn't a speaker load on the head

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Head and Cab for $130? You don't need a head and cabinet, you need a psychological examination.
Oh, so both a speaker and a headphone need to be plugged?

Generally, I know my headphones, but music-wise. Stereo, isolation, etc, don't think stuff like that apply to guitar... So, what would be the factor of sound quality for the guitar amp?
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Studio earphones with a 1/4'' jack pin, preferably gold-coated, a pair of these costed me around 100 $ CAN, it's no ipod 'phones, and they will satisfy your needs beyond your investment, brand doesn't matter much, get your hands on a reliable product around your place.
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Theres a headphone jack on a Blackstar HT-5?
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"The HT-5C also has a fully specified speaker-emulated output, further enhancing its studio credentials and allowing any guitarist to get amazing tube tone straight to tape or disk, or through headphones. It also features the unique 4x12/1x12 voicing switch, allowing you to change the tonal characteristics of the emulated signal between 2 emulated cabinet types."

Doesn't say so specifically but it says you can do it so I guess you can somehow...