Tooth and claw, the perfect score.
ill- informed and alone , well-educated wh*re.
Jealous dreams and magazines
Dropping names of fame that you've never met before

You Admired my work in the feild.
Comforted by the person you plan to be
But i'll leave you were you are.
to spend nine years here to fill there criteria,
You know that just ain't me.

Forced tears and genuine fears.
take your sympathy with you, it's worthless here.
steel strings and careless flings
I can't think like you.

I'm really not sure about this one, what do you lot think?
I like it, other than your use of "ain't" (pet peeve of mine) I think the word choice is cool, but there's a couple lines that I can't find the flow (mainly just the first 2 lines of the first verse)

All in all I think it has a lot of potential.