So there's a local guy selling a Genz Benz LS215 for $300. It's 4 Ohm, 500watt, perfect addition to my Carvin BX1200 and Avatar 212 NEO rig. Anyway, it's a discontinued product, but I was curious what your opinion of this was? Sounds like a good deal to me, so give me some advice. Genz Benz make good stuff? Any experience with this cab? Experience with 215's?


The only guy I know has a Genz Benz on here is nikkif667 or something like that. Half of Talkbass is crazy about them.

Dont expect to have a high end but you'll have killer lows. Try it out if you can.
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Buy it. Even if you don't like it you could sell it on and get a $100-$200 profit. Don't trust me though, I'm not familiar with Genz Benz products.
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