I think this is the right forum for this...*shrugs*

Anyway, my uncle is a luthier. He has been doing it for around 5 years. I am thinking about getting him to build me an acoustic (as thats all he does, is acoustics).

I was thinking maybe an acoustic 12-stringer version of the Rickenbacker 360.

I also want it to be an acoustic-electric. However, since my uncle just does regular acoustics, I was thinking:

1. let him build the acoustic
2. put a piezo strip under the bridge and feed the lead/jack socket out to the strap button
3. put a drop-in control panel and tuner on the sides

So, my question is, how hard would it be to install the electronics and convert it to an acoustic-electric?

Or does anyone make a stock 12-string acoustic-electric with a Rick 360 body-shape?