I seem to have a horrible add problem where I will be lying in bed or doing something really effortlessly thinking about melodies and music and I will come upon a chord progression i really like. I will go over to the piano and work it out and arrange it, while coming up with basic parts for how the drums and bass will sound, but after about 15 minutes I will lose my focus, and I am left with just a partial song. And no matter what I do, I just can't seem to finish these songs. Some I can, I have a few finished songs (some with lyrics some without) but its just so hard to sit and actually write a full complete song and I just end up going on to something else. Does this happen to other people where you just find it so painstakingly difficult to write a complete song from beginning to end?
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Happens quite often to me, but it that doesnt mean you shouldnt keep making these half ideas, even if only 1% turn into a full song, you've got a song you wouldnt have otherwise. and furthermore quite often you'll find you've written samples in the same key which can be combined e.g. throwing a new idea in as the bridge to an old sample
let that idea grow inside your head.. i've made a few great songs (in my opinion) based on riffs i came up with like a year ago.

the same thing with lyrics.
really, it's just a matter of time.
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I do it all the time. I have way too many incomplete songs. Play what you have so far then listen in your head for what should come next. If that made any sense.
I usually come up with songs in parts. Ill make up a cool intro riff, or verse riff then make up the lead part/rythm part over it. Then i see if it fits with any of the lyrics i've written. Then i will leave it and let the idea grow on me. Then i usually finish with choruses, bridge and solo the next day or so