I've been writing a simple song on guitar, and have been trying to think of some lyrics to go along with it. The problem is, I can't think of any.

So I'm just curious, what are your techniques for thinking of lyrics?
I personally write down everything that comes to mind, and then just filter it and see if I can make a greater whole of those segments.

If there's any situation or event that you feel strongly about, you could try getting some inspiration from that.
Hey! how about this... now you got a tune down,
try to hum out what is ideal to you, something that supports the tune, supports the mood.
then decide what you want to write about-
a story? the past? Randomness? a lesson? a feeling?
well you can brainstorm, but to do that-
just sing random words that fits the topic.
cant sing and play?
write the tune down or record it or get use to the tune.
try to rhyme,( not compleatly all the time)
and try to keep the sentances a good length throughout the song (or parts of it)

if you need any more help on anything.... just talk to me.... come visit my profile....

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Write poetry and fix it. Use metaphors, similes, specific phonological sounds to fit the style: like don't use fricatives in a soft acoustic song or it will just sound stupid. To be honest a knowledge of poetic an literary techniques is vital here. Write about what you care about, open up and be honest about yourself. Make it rhyme, and make it profound, those are the best types of lyrics. Please don't write about a girl who left you and now you think your a fag, because that just lacks substance.

Craft your work literary techniques, alliteration, assonance, sibilance, repetition of plosives/affricatives/fricatives. And above all make sure it fits with your time signature, work out the syllables in the sentence and delete or add words accordingly.

But that's just my opinion :P
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I'll write you some fucking lyrics. What do you fucking want them to be about?

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