I usually research as much as I can before I make a purchase but guitar center is making this a real pain in the ass for me so I'll start from the beginning...

On the 16th of Jan. I went to a local guitar center during the red carpet sale and found an Ibanez RG2EX1 that I could pick up for $250 (with red carpet coupon) "New" which from what I read was a decent cheap guitar which is all I was looking for. So, they didn't have any in stock and that one on the wall was damaged so they schedule one to ship to me from a warehouse. A week later I receive the guitar and wouldn't you know it...this one is also damaged so I repackage the guitar and send it back in the mail.

Well...in the time period that the guitar was being sent back I'm online browsing their website and see that the Ibanez RG5EX1 is on sale for $350 so I call them up and tell them I would like to upgrade to the RG5 since it's on sale and is it possible for me to use my $50 coupon since I made the purchase during the red carpet sale and have yet to receive a guitar that's not damaged. They tell me sure, no problem but they have to wait for my guitar to be processed through returns which they have had the guitar I returned for over a week now but they are backed up on returns from the holidays so they can't order a new guitar for me yet.

I call them today because I noticed that the RG5 went back up to $400 and since I have nothing in writing because my returned guitar has not been processed through returns I will no longer be able to get the guitar at the sale price of $350 which I find is absolute BS because I called them to upgrade the guitar to the RG5 when it was on sale at that price. So I'm a little pissed but fine whatever I can deal with it because I still have my $50 coupon and they are going to next day air my next guitar. So I'm rethinking my decision on guitars because the RG5 is now out of stock until the 27th and I think I'm a patient person but they have had my money since the 16th and I'm not waiting a month and a half to get a guitar especially when there not honoring the sale price because they haven't processed my return even tho the guitar is there.

So the point of my bitching is I'm considering getting a Schecter over an Ibanez and my price range is about $400 ($350 after my coupon) so I'm looking for suggestions over any brands in that price range. I'm mostly into metal / rock ... I play Metallica, All That Remains, Trivium, etc... Yes I know that the RG5 would be a pain in the ass for playing this music because of the Edge III which is why I'm being open minded to switching from an Ibanez. Sorry for the long rant I feel better for blowing off some steam. Thanks.

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