my awesome gaming idea and a ? for anyone with a xbox360 controller for ->PC<-

so this kid is selling me a dell computer for 20 dollars. its not that good, but here are the specs
Dell Desktop Dimension 2400 Series - Intel Pentium 4 Processor at 2.80GHz
128MB DDR SDRAM at 333MHz
17in(16IN VIS)E773c Monitor, Midnight Grey, Dimension
Integrated Intel 3D AGP Graphics
40GB 7200RPM Hard Drive
and i can hook up a PC to my television. so i was giong to buy this and hook it up with like every n64 game and every nes game snes sega genesis etc. so that i can hook it up to my TV and play all the oldschool games.

you can buy n64 controllesr that hook in to the pc, but buying those plus NES controllers etc would get expensive fast.
they sell xbox 360 controllers for the PC, wireless ones. if i bought one of these, would i be able to plug it up to my PC and configure it to work with emulators? like can you set the 360 controller to certain keys, example making the X button w and the A button a and **** like that?
hope you understand what i am asking.
Theres a dude on WoW I raided with a few hours ago with a name similar to yours.

... He was a hunter.
That would work.
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