i have no idea what genre this is, ive been working on it as a closing track

its called 'absolute zero'. its almost done i just want to mix some things and maybe tweak it based on feedback, im posting it as is so i can move on to something else for now

check it out, its in my profile
There's also a new track in there called "terminate" that i just started on. its thrash metal, rhythm and drums so far no leads yet


c4c as always
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Great choice of instrumentation by the way, I'm a sucker for the cello.

First thing I notice is the gaps/rests leaving the drums by themselves, I'm not sure if you could fit something better in there or work around it more effectively, but you're the composer, not me.

The gaps are more suited when the piece develops and you have the layers doing different things around the place, I love the cello , and the changes of tempo really make the piece move in different directions to a good effect, especially the gradual slowing towards the end that almost comes to a complete stop; very good composers choice. The drums are great, whatever program you're using.

Overall a great effort in bringing some interesting sounds together! I enjoyed it.

Here's my latest if you're up for it
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Hey, this is a nice piece. This maybe a personal thing because I write ambient music but some reverb on this piece would bulk it up quite a lot. Did you use EZ drummer for this or Superior Drummer? The drums sounds are awesome.

There a few parts with the rests which seem a little awkward, in the sense that they are a bit empty but something could easily be worked out I'm sure.

Overall though dude, a good piece.

Keep it up.