What style and price range?
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Wanna tell us what music you play? It helps...
You could also tell us your budget.
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What type of sound are you looking for?
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GFS pickups are good. They have alot of different sets for diffrent styles, and all of em are competitively priced as well.
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Don't upgrade a squire. Get a new guitar.

Why not? As long as the neck is solid and and it plays good, go for it. My squire pup's were a little smaller than standard so you might need to trim the pick guard. And GFS is the way to go unless you don't mind spending more for the pup than the guitar is worth.

Also, older Squire bodies are alder. Yes, worth upgrading as long as it's not agathis or ply.
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Don't upgrade a squire. Get a new guitar.

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An upgraded squire, if it has a decent body and neck, can be upgraded to the point of being better than an MIA Fender.

TS, the pickups we reccomend you are based almost entirely on what you want to play and what you want to spend.

Also, what amp you have.

I know everyone says it, but you will notice a huge improvement with a good amp versus a relatively small improvement with just new pickups through a bad amp.
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okay. i have a peavey vypyr 75 watt and the kind of music i play is alternative/indie. my price range is about between 100-200 dollars. heres a picture, but without the signatures and sticker, i took all those off, and the strings:
Get some fender '59 custom shop pickups.
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