ive been playing guitar half a year and can play simple chords and sex pistols type stuff, where do i go from here?
Can you play bar chords? If you can make sure that you can transition well between other bar chords and open chords. If you already have that down then start working on your soloing.
You and I are mortal, but rock n roll will never die.
Go back to basics, practice the deadly simple things such as chords and things you haven't touched in a long time and practice them all over again,
you'll turn out to be amazed how much you've improved and this should create enough determination to make you want to keep on playing .
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Now is a good time to start learning to solo and improvise. Remember to keep working on your rhythm skills alongside your newer material. A whole world theory that will help unlock your creativity and understanding awaits as well. Enjoy!
I good why to learn to improvise is lay down your own track on a looping station, and then do some lead soloing over top and make sure that you are playing in the right keys and such. Just experiment with that.
You and I are mortal, but rock n roll will never die.