Im looking into buying my first amp. I am looking at the Vox Valvetronix AD 50 or a Peavey Vypyr 75. I want to be able to keep up with some drums but no gigs.
Just wondering what your thoughts were towards these 2 amps and what one would be better in my situation??
Take this to Guitar Gear and Accessories. Are you just now starting, or have you been playing on an acoustic? If you're just starting, you probably won't be playing with a drummer for a while, and would only need 10-15w.
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VOX!!! i know a guy who made peavey and said they wernt the best, and i love VOX..
i have a VOX VT15 and its great!! it has got the 22 preset channels and the 12 effects. its just perfect.. any VOX will be good for keeping up with drums.. geting a valvetronix is good, and the clean sound doesnt distort when its loud which is good
plus, i think VOX is alot more reliable than peavey
Definitely Vox. Might want to rethink size though. I have the 100, it's heavy as hell, and I probably don't need all that power. But it has a power attenuator which essentially gives you control of the wattage output. You will enjoy though
Iv been playing for a month on an electric. And my friend is a drummer so we would probably be playing quit a bit, just for fun.
Vox is better IMO. But go to the store and play the guitar you have through both of them and decide that way.

Good luck.
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