I have the model with emgs in it (60 and 81)

As I play a lot of metalcore, I need the bridge pickup to nail those pinch harmonics easier, and to get the bite in solos.

Obviously though, the cleans in the neck pickup suck ass. Massive ass. So I was wondering if there was a pickup I could drop in the neck to get good cleans (for PGroove-esque stuff) and a creamy (for lack of a better word) distorted tone.

Also, ideally, a tone similar to what paul waggoner has in the end selkies solo.


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I'm pretty sure Paul used an Ibanez S with a 81 and an 85. He used a JC-120 for the cleans. Passive pickups will help, but it's mainly the amp that gives him his tones.
What amp do you have?

That will affect your cleans more, I believe.

Once we know this, we can determine if new pups will work for you.

I feel annoying for asking that, but it's frequently left out by most posters.
What is your amp?

I think that the 60 is the best non-coil-tapped EMG for cleans.
A Seymour Duncan neck pickup should help improve your cleans. The blackouts are superior to EMG's in my opinion. FOr example, the neck blackout uses an alnico magnet instead of a ceramic like an EMG. That in itself should help "warm up" your cleans just a hair.
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