I thought up the working title "Synchopath" since its pretty synchopated and polyrhythmic. Let me know what you think. This is what I have so far. I think their will be singing starting over that last riff. C4c!

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First off, you already get my props for being a DT fan

The piece seems to be very dissonant, a technique of metal obviously. I like the time changes you throw in there. You could do a lot with the dual guitar parts in this recording, one just sort of seems to linger rather than playing an active role.

A very metal piece there, obvious progressive influence, clean playing, good composition, a great tune that has potential to expand

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Glad you all like it so far. I'm gonna do some experimenting with dual guitars, good idea. I think I know where its gonna go next. I will try to get to your guys' tunes later. Thanks!