Hi, I'm having trouble comming up with riffs. Im trying to create riffs like Constant Motion by Dream Thater or like Cowboys From Hell like progressive thrash riffs that are jus overall sick. So, if anyone has any tips or advice on how i can master the ways of creating these riffs let me kno.Thnx a lot!!!
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but seriously, there's no quick way, practice a lot and hear a lot of stuff, ideas wil come
Your first adventure in songwriting is not going to yield some epic, progressive masterpiece, so get that idea out of your head.

As they said, you need to write riffs...a lot of them. Write simple songs (ie Brown Eyed Girl-esque) and gradually write more complex material (which will happen naturally). You're allowed to write a lot of bad music and you will. Most of what you write will suck, but you'll write some good stuff eventually. That's the way it works for everyone. In fact, I wrote a 7:00 song last weekend, only to decide last night that it is terrible.
Just play around. have 'doodle' time as the great john petrucci would say. Have fun and something good will come out of it.