Punk band from my city. They recorded a full-length last year, it's absolutely amazing, but they still don't have a label to put it out. Some of the songs are on their myspace, seriously worth checking out.
i thought they were good. i dont like em, just because its not my style, but its good music. too po punk ish for me. ill be stickin to my rudimentary peni and oxymoron
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yeah, man, i met the guitarist for the decay and he gave me his CD a while ago, like 2 years ago... we were waiting for the Wii to come out at Best Buy in Kitchener... he's a real cool guy! Last I saw them was when they were doing the tour with A Global Threat (again, about 2 years ago)... anyways GREAT band, reminds me alot like NOFX!
I didn't really like it. The songs were poppy and catchy, yet at the same time too hardcore. A mixture that doesn't really work imo.

And I don't like the guy's hair, it's different colours on each side.

It's nice to see them support the local 'za scene though.

I reckon they should get a good looking female singer and play slightly slower, and if they took themselves more seriously as well, they'd have no problems getting a label for the record, I think.