I saw a slide on the canon rock tab. The slide or slash sign is before the 19th fret with the last fret being on another string. So how do you play this slide? do you slide all the way from the 1st fret? (i use the tab from the power tab version)

And how do you play full bends that are released onto a different fret? for example full bend 14th fret (where the bend begins) and release on 12th fret (with the curve going down to 12th fret)? when i play it my way, it sounds weird and i know that i am playing it the wrong way.
for the bend put your fingers on the 12th fret and then bend up one whole step before you pluck the string so it will be like playing the 14th and then release the bend back to the 12th
1.start sliding at about 12 or around there.
2.if the bend begins at the 14 fret place your ring finger on there and your index on 12 hope this helps.