Are the pick ups sold on the guitar fetish website any good?

obviously i'm going to get what i pay for, but are they still decent? or should i just order a mexican strat middle pick up assembly from musicians friend?
pfft middle pickup! who needs one of those, just get rid of it!

I bought some GFS pickups for a friend of mine, they sounded pretty good (I bought the more expensive ones though)
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I've heard reviews about it, and from the reviewers have said good things, that being said I'd still look up clips.
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i have a set of dream 90s in my washburn and like them verry well, they are a big improvement from stock, id say go for it
I have an Ibanez S420 and replaced the Powersound bridge pickup with a GFS alnico PAF and it was much warmer and slightly hotter. The stock pup was thin and muddy. So, for me the GFS is better than the stock pup from a $500 guitar. Well spent $35.
My friend dropped GFS pickups in his MIA strat and thought it sounded much better. My feeling on this is that his Fender pickups were probably just a bad batch (Fender quality assurance is hit-or-miss), but he loves them.

I'm a big fan of the GFS humbuckers I own, so I'd recommend them as well.

Only bad review I've heard in person was from one of my prof's, who said the Noiseless strat pickups didn't sound quite right. But he said they were very noiseless, so it was a tradeoff.
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