So I've finally decided that I'm gonna go to Wichita State University and study some sort of music, I play guitar and I sing in choir and I'm kinda in a few bands and stuff. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any programs there that would suit my needs and also what all I need to learn to do on my own prior to going and making a fool out of myself. I want to find a program that will aid me in my understanding of the way music functions but also will help me get a good job in case I don't "Make It". I'm really starting to get into the writing process and stuff but I don't really have any idea how to approach this new direction of my life. I'm assuming that I'll meet a few rockers there who just like me have a free ride cause of mommy and daddy and are just in it for the music, but also I'm sure that most of the people will be cellists violinists pianists and the like. I'm really looking forward to meeting alot of musicians and whatnot. But if anyone could help me in this approach or lay to rest any misconceptions I have concerning the matter that would be greatly appreciated.