So..... my marshall avt 50 crapped out on me last week and since i only paid $70 for it im not to mad. However, now i have a situation. I used the Marshall with my TS9DX for my high gain tones, and my really old Epiphone Century with the TS9DX for my vintage tones. This is where i need some help, since i dont want to shell out a bunch of money for another high-gain amp, i think im just going to buy a distorion pedal. So should i get a MI Audio Tube Zone or Crunch Box?

What should be known is the Epiphone Century has no distortion channel, and really has to be cranked all the way up to get some grit. So i'm wondering if adding one of these pedals in conjunction with my TS9 will get me some higher gain tones.

Sorry for the length of this post..................
*cracks hands*

lemme read the post....

edit: i would say crunch box, but that is a personal thing. the group link in my sig has demo videos for both pedals, so maybe you can check them out if you havent already.
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