Hey, I rock a epiphone les paul standard. I used to play alot of zeppelin and clapton on it and recently I find myself getting more into heavier stuff like metallica, sabbath, and other fast metal. thrice, [rptest the hero, pantera.
I was thinkin about getting a flying V or an explorer. I saw a B.C Rich Beast for the first time today and thouht one of these guitars would be more suited.

Help me Learn...
Hey bro, just a suggestion. I love Metallica and Pantera too. I have an Epiphone Standard too, but all I did was put Zakk Wylde's EMG's in it and it sounds AWESOME!!! The thing with these is that they can also play bluesy stuff too! I wired in another 9 volt to mine(so now it has two 9 volt batteries), and it is absolutely AMAZING!!!

Here are the EMG's: