Hey, I've been playing guitar for years and have never really gone past playing tabs. I'm looking into learning more about scales Just really wanted to know a good place to start.
Start looking into improv and scales. It really helps to bring you away from just tabs. A good reference point I like to use for chords and scales is all-guitar-chords.com. There are lots of tools that I find really helpful.
i have a great deal of fun playing minor pentatonic over blues backing tracks... not very complicated tho. its an easy scale to start out with and you can make it sound pretty cool, such as stairway to heaven solo, which is strictly A minor pentatonic. learn all the positions so you are not limited.

Just a thought

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Haha, used to spend a lot of my time doing that. Lots of good fun and practice. Then I moved on to using modes and it's been a lot of help.
Pentatonics are good as they only have 5 notes, so they are probably the easiest to learn.

Other than that, Major scales, as you can derive pretty much all the other types of scales from them.