Ok so the past 4 years or so I've just been kind of idk how you could say it "screwing around". I've just been learning how to play songs and granted I can play somewhat challenging songs. Recently though I decided to sit down and learn the basics and get into some theory. My first challenge is to learn the fretboard and become quite fluent with naming each note.

Well so far this has been a daunting task. I have tried learning string by string but somehow I end up forgetting the last string I practiced. And yes I am aware that you really only need to know up until the 12th fret.

So for those of you that have done this, what methods helped you? I'm sure there are hundreds of ways.
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Unless you feel like sitting there and learning each fret note for note, I'd recommend learning your scales. I mean LEARNING your scales, not just the box pattern. Play them up and down the net, on every fret and string that the scale resolves to. Learn like 1 scale a week and you'll be solid. (Just stick with the major scale for now. It also helps if you name the name of each fret ass you play). Personally, I thought I knew the major scale because I knew a box pattern, and I thought all you had to do was move it aroudn the neck. Boy, was I wrong. It limited me SO much in terms of expressing myself and in terms of fun as well. Bottom line, learn 1 major scale a week all over the neck, and you should be rather fluent with the fretboard.
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There's actually a bunch of programs that you can download for free that can help with that kind of thing. The only one I've personally used is called "Fretboard Warrior," which worked pretty well for me.