I wrote this song today it took me about 3 hours nonstop. I will Crit for Crit. please don't be too harsh, this is my first attempt at writing a song with sweep picking in it. I've been practicing sweep for like 2 or 3 months now, and i can actually play this. so please constructive crits only and maybe suggestions for a different rhythm for the second solo and the part just after the First Intro. thanks guys and girls, enjoy.
The Will of the Gods.zip
Not bad. I'm kinda sorry to say but I'm can't really get the breakdowns. Why don't you try something different instead of the generic, run-of-the-mill, sound-alike breakdown? Other than that it's a pretty good song.
The intro sounds...empty. Even when the harmony comes in, it sounds like there's more that could've been done. The verse is decent though. The harmony in the pre-chorus sounds weird. The breakdown actually isn't half bad in my opinion. And the first solo was alright. Some notes sounded really off-key though. The Pre Solo seems to go too long, and the drums in the solo are kinda overbearing. 1st comment describes the second solo quite well, though.

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This desperately needs bass. The guitar writing is solid, but lead harmonies and light drumming sounds ridiculously empty without bass.