Ok, well I do not know much about strings so I have come to you guys for help. Are certain types of strings used for certain types of music? If so what strings would you use for Classic Rock?
Ernie Ball Regular Slinky .10's, or D'Addario .10's

.10 is the gauge size for the high e string, so a normal pack of .10s would be sizes .46-.10, with the low E being a size .46. They're a balanced size for your main string torturing needs (bending and such). I'd recommend the Ernie Ball over the D'Addarios.
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well it all depends. if you like bending you would prefer .10s-.09s so it would make it easier. but the higher the gauge goes so does the meat of your sound, what i mean by that is : more tone volume and power. so if youre mashing on power chords all day go thicker. if you solo and need a balance between bright and dark plus bends use 10s.
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