Everyone has them. Songs that really spoke to you when you heard them for the first time, possibly affected your life.

I have two, and they are both by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Scar Tissue and Soul to Squeeze. The first time I heard Scar Tissue it inspired me to learn guitar, and Soul to Squeeze helped me survive depression.
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Selkies: The endless obsession - Between the Buried and Me
helped me learn sweeps, also one of my favorite solos/songs ever

blink-182 - inspired me to start playing guitar back when i was 11

say goodbye - iktpq helped me a lot with my picking between strings

all that remains got me into heavier metal stuff in 8th grade

protest the hero got me into technical guitar stuff back when kezia came out
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Street Child by Elan ft. Slash. dont care for the lyrics but the solo is diffrent considering Slash playing it.
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit... It got me into music in general.

Children Of Bodom - Thrashed Lost, And Strungout got me into metal.

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Angel - Massive Attack
Universal Mind Control - Common
Calabria - Enur
Night Vision - DJ DISTANCE
Do for Love - Tupac
Juicy - Notorious BIG
Hip Hop Saved my Life - Lupe Fiasco
What They Do - THe Roots
Mind Playin Tricks - Geto Boys
It was a GOod Day - Ice Cube
The Sweetest Taboo - Sade
Det Som Engang Var - Burzum

fuck yeah
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Blood Fire Death - Bathory

It just hits the right spot.
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Smile Empty Soul - Silhouettes
i was just listening to it too
kinda freaked me out
its a strong song though and i can relate to it sometimes
wonder boy - tenacious d it always has the power... to move me...
Keep On Keepen' On
Brothers - Dean Brody ( I don't know why, but this song just hit me right in the gut. I nearly cried. Listened to it right after reading an article in the paper called "Daddy's home" about a Soldier who died in Iraq )

Life is Beautiful - Sixx A.M. ( I was listening to it the day I heard that this guy in my school we all really liked died. His brother was a good a friend of mine. )

Hurt - Johnny Cash (Reminds me of my Grandpa)

Metal Crew - Sabaton (I Dont know, I just get tingly when I listen to it )
"Come to Life" - Foo Fighters
"Dream On" - Aerosmith
"The Girl With the Flaxen Hair" - Debussy
That one song from Metroid
Yellow Ledbetter, by Pearl Jam. It's helped me through my depression more times than I can count.
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Are You Experienced? - Jimi Hendrix
This times 2 and My Friend - Jimi Hendrix.
Come Sail Away- Styx
The piano is soothing and the guitar is simple but great
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wonder boy - tenacious d it always has the power... to move me...

I would say More Than a Feeling by Boston

or maybe Venice Queen by the Chili Peppers

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a better place, a better time - streetlight manifesto
this song warned me a few hours before my uncle died...was too late tho

scar tissue - rhcp
mainly because i couldnt get a woman lol and i just felt lonely in the world (teenage years were so fun!)
Freedom by Run Kid Run
Deathbed by Relient K
Fin by Anberlin
Tonite Reprise by Smashing Pumpkins
If you are interested, and are up to it, please PM me for more info on the song.
Yes, it's just one song in particular, theres no shredding or fast solos.
It is a mellow, instrumental, clean, song.

this particular performance of iron and wine's/sam beam's "the trapeze swinger." the way his voice rises and falls, and he projects more than he usually does. even though it's a simple fingerpicking style, the way he performs it is amazing.
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Dream On - Aerosmith

Its just so inspiring.

Eyes of a Stranger - Queensryche

Theres so much emotion in this song that I can't just listen to it, I have to LISTEN to it.

Master of Puppets - Metallica

I've had a couple of runs in with cocaine and this song describes it perfectly. I listen to it and sometimes I get angry, sometimes I get sad, but it will always be a headbanger!
Shostakovich, Violin Concerto in Am - III. Passacaglia

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Seriously songs that move me
We Are The Normal - Goo Goo Dolls
Blue on Black - Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Wanted Dead Or Alive - Bon Jovi
Keep On Keepen' On
Every song I 'choose' to listen to. Weather it moves me in an aggressive way or an emotional way.