Been lurking for a while, finally decided its time to join the posting ranks...

I recently joined a new band (first band for me) and we're going to have practices soon, and thus I need to purchase a rig. I picked up a nice, used Ampeg B2RE from GC for $250 (sweet deal imo), and need a cab/cabs to go with it. I'm thinking I'll need to run 4 ohms to get the full 450W as it's a rock/alt group with a loud drummer and a guitarist with a 410 Classic 50 (50W Peavey tube amp if you are unaware). Basically I'm gonna have to fight 2 guitars, drums, vocals, and possibly keys. I'll likely have PA help at most of the local venues, but I've still got my work cut out for me... plus, I'd like to hear myself on stage too, feeling your notes is part of why I love bass.

In order to run 4 ohms though I'll need some serious cabbage. I was looking at maybe the Ampeg 610 or 810 (so sue me, I like the look and the sound ), or perhaps a 410+115. I played some GK and new Acoustic cabs in a few combinations and those sounded nice as well. Money isn't a huge issue, although paying less is always good (I plan to buy used if possible anyway).

Overall, I'm just looking for suggestions/advice/knowledge from experience with the 610 vs the 810, or other cabs regardless of manufacturer.
dont get the 8x10 unless you plan on upgrading your head very soong.

i made the mistake and rushed into getting a SVT450-H (Basically a B2RE in an SVT shell, i know, im dumb) and an 8x10, and the 450 really cant push it well at all unless your playing mids-highs.

so, i would recommend getting a 4x10 cab, or a 6x10.

i LOVE the Ampeg 8x10 sound, but youll need to get a bigger more powerful head.

i myself, am getting a Carvin B1500 here pretty soon.

I play in a 2 guitar band, so hopefully this stuff will be of some help.

You're probably gonna want to have a 15 or 18 as one of the cabs. At a decent price a 15 is probably what you'll go with. This you'll end up combining with either a 2x10, 4x10, or 2x12. That would be personal preference.

But here is where my problem is. When you get into the big boy heads they run 2 sides at 4 ohms. This means you can use 2 4 ohm cabinets. So if you get 2 8 ohm cabinets if you upgrade your head you'll only be using one side of the head. But if you get a 4 ohm cabinet you will probably go with a 4x10 or 2x12 which possibly won't have enough bottom end for you. But if you don't plan on upgrading your head anytime soon you won't have many issues.