i have my eagle scout court of honor coming up (its dorky i know, but i got my amp for doing it) and my mom says i need to find some music for the slide show of pictures shwoing my scouting experiences. i suggested some killer songs: breaking the law by judas preist, some mastadon maybe, or maybe over the mountain by ozzy

she d those songs and said try again so i said: pinball wizard by the who, paradise city by g'n'r, crossroads by cream, some ac/dc, hendrix, and good times, bad times by the zepplin (seems like a fitting song), and lastly freebird because it would take up alot of time

she said maybe to freebird, hendrix, the who, and maybe some bluesy stuff

so my question to you the pit is: what are some songs old people would like that would be fitting for a formal event such as this but still have a bit of rock? Help!
Whose honor is it? Yours. You pick the music. Mastodon would be awesome, I think you should stick with that. Eagle scout should make your more independent and responsible, so, you are independent enough to pick what music you want at YOUR honor ceremony thing.

If you don't wanna do that, just to Libera Me from Hell.
Little Wing - HendrixxXXxxXXXxXXxxxX

Some Zep songs like D'yer Maker, Rock 'n' Roll...idk
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Eagles - Hotel california

totally forgot bout the eagles thanks, and yeah its my deal thing, and you would think that but doesnt work that way. i think i'll ask for some cream and zepplin, and some skynyrd cause i dig that stuff and it shouldnt cause any heart attacks with the old people (there will be plenty) oh and oohh stevie ray vaughan, of course!!!