Overall it is a really great song, honestly. There are a few sketchy moments, but they kind of add to the mix in some ways (particularly the moment where it sounds like you just throw the tremelo bar all the way down at 3:20ish). I agree with the other guy, it sounds very Slayer-like; except better because you actually have a sense of melody. The riffs were all really great. Near the end I noticed you didn't even have drums, which pretty much goes to say your guitar skills showed you did not need them. If you have any lyrics, or desire someone to do vocals I would be willing to help you out (if you are intending to add vocals, anyways). I can sing comfortably, as well as scream at a few pitches (mostly very deep, Nile like screams and some more mid-tone like a lot of deathcore).

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Man that was awesome, if you had drums in this it'd be probably one of my favorite metal songs. Just that ****ing good.

Only thing I didn't really like was the shred =\

Everything is so tight man, are you in a band? Because you definitely should be.

Crit mine? (haha I'm differing from everyone else!)
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I'm in need of a guy