ok so today i went to guitar center to buy an amp for my birthday and it wasn't there but i did play some guitars and i really started enjoying this jackson dinky i was playing and im thinkin on gettin that as my next guitar possibly. so its between these 3 guitars.
The dinky that had a really nice neck and was pretty heavy sounding and people said it was better than more expensive jacksons they had.

This jackson Randy Rhodes that none of my family or friends think i should get because it looks faggy. but idc its awesome and it even got good reviews.


or the esp ltd i had my eye on for some time which seems to be heavy and also looks pretty awesome.

So any of you used all 3 or recomend any of these because you like them?
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i would recommend esp, but not a signiture series. any sig series of any brand is always overpriced.
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Can I be the first to tell you to get a new amp before playing such nice guitars through an effing Spider?
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New amp.
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go with a new amp, but of those three, the dinky is what i would go with. the RR is good, but that shape is nearly impossible to sit with.
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he has a Peavey Vypyr why does he need a new amp? all he needs to do is get rid of the Spider.

i would go with the jackson