I want to do a setup on both of my guitars, one is brand new and other hasn't had a setup in years, I use my amps built in tuner but don't trust it for a intonation setup and was wondering what is a decent tuner
for 50.00 .

Any help would be appreciated
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try the qwik tune, it can be maual or auto and has meter so you can fine tune.
A strobe tuner is said to be best for accurate tuning, especially for intonation.

Peterson makes a few strobe tuners including the Strobo-stomp pedal. There are, of course, several higher-end strobe tuners that can go into the hundreds of dollars.
it doesn't really matter, a tuner's a tuner. I've had Korg chromatic and guitar tuners and a Boss TU-12 and a Fender Pedal Tuner... and, honestly, that all do the same thing, except the TU-12 is the first one to break on me (and it's the one I spent the most money on, go figure). I'm pretty much saying: if the tuner can tell you how close to intune you are, it'll work for setting up intonation.
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a tuner that has batteries in it and works...


i just use a ****ty as starter fender tuner then tune the rest by Earski
although tuning down is kinda hard in this case..
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get a korg chromatic tuner.
that's what i have. it works perfectly.
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I`ve just got one made by belcat , it`s a pedal tuner so if your playing and think you`ve gone out of tune push the button tune it back again repush the button and your playing again no need to keep unplugging the guitar to check
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