Does anyone have any access to any candlebox b-sides? More specifically im looking for "Pull Away" from the "You" single, and "Featherweight" off of the "Simple Lessons" single. I've looked everywhere, and i just can't find them. I could buy the singles off of ebay or something, but i don't have a credit card. If anyone knew where i could find them on the internet to listen to (legally of course )would be greatly appreciated. I'm not asking where to download them illegally, because that's against the rules. So if you know where to download them, definately do NOT tell me/PM me where i could do such a thing . Any help is appreciated, although i really doubt anyone even cares about these tracks.
Nerdo-sez-bo wrote:

Bon Jovi can just **** off really.

Life is one big question when your starin at the clock
And the answers always waiting at the liquor store, 40 oz to Freedom