Well, on some ocasions it sounds like I have a WAH pedal tilted back slightly,
just enough to notice a difference in tone, and its sounds terrible.
Its a solid state 75 wat Peavy combo if that helps at all.
I only run my guitar directly into the amp, got new cords, I tried both active and passive pickups on two different guitars in hope I just wired somthing wrong,
but alas, nothing.
Help would be apreciated, as this would be my second amp dying in this past year if its indeed dying.
huh, make SURE the problem is really inside your amp, try different cables etc, and then let someone who knows amps have a look at it, serriously. it could be transformers, happened to my mate who's signal was dying out.

i hope you've found my reply helpful
best regards, serjem
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Hrm...it's solid state, so it's probably either working or dead. A bad power transformer would probably be one of those "it works or it doesn't" propositions too. No output transformer in SS.

um...dunno though. Where you playing when it started making said weird noise, or did it just start up one day?
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