Im thinking about upgrading my gibson les paul. its this one:

Anyways, i have a couple of questions.

first i want to add a bigsby b7 trem. will i need to replace the saddles with roller ones? i would think i would not have to but im not sure. Also, will this throw the guitar out of tune easily? i have heard that if you use thicker strings, it stays in tune better with a trem. (i currently use .009- .046s)

To combat the possibility of the trem making it go out of tune, i want to put some sperzel locking tuners on, becuae they are supposed to prevent the guitar from going out of tune pretty well from what i hear. on top of that, the stock tuners are not that good anyways. is this true about their keeping the guitar in tune very well?

Also, either the pickup selector switch or the volume knobs are on the fritz, becuase when i switch pickups, the bridge pickup is dead for a while unless i strum very hard, and that dosent even work sometimes. i am going to replace the selector switch, and i was thinking about putting in two push-pull knobs in the volume controls and while im at it, just putting in two new tone pots. im not sure if those will allow me to use them as coil splitters if i wire them the right way, so can anyone tell meif that is accurate? also can anyone refer me to somewhere were i can see how to wire them that way?

if anyone has any questions, comments or advice, it is welcome and greatly appreciated. thank you ver much
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The bigsby does not give you much range, just small flutters, you know that right?
For the roller bridge, you don't need it but if you want to go all out get one.
For the tuners, they don't call em locking tuners for nothing, yes they do keep in tune.
For the electronics, it would be a good idea to just replace everything, a good switch CTS pots and a good quality jack and to top it all off - Good soldering skills.

With a trem, you may want to get a graphite nut, there bery good quality and great for trems