So I've been planning on building a speaker cab for some time, with some specific things in mind. 2x12 (I don't need 4x12), closed back/front ported (ever stand behind your open-backed amp while playing? A lot of sound comes out the back. Force that out the front, and BAM!)

So, I was thinking, "Damn this sounds like a good idea. Wait a sec, isn't that just the G-Flex 212? ****."

So, G Flex users, I'm looking for your opinions on the 2x12 cab, and for dimensions.

Playing metal/rock/basically anything, really. Planning on using Warehouse V30 copies. Suggestions will be considered.
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Amazing cab, the stock speakers are actually pretty good. lots of bass for a 212, and projects nicely. Overall a good buy. I still like my orange 412 much better though, mostly because of the V30's so go figure. Id recommend it.
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thanks. Just needa find someone who can fork out some dimensions
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something you need to keep in mind when doing a ported cab: the port acts like a horn, and depending on the tuning, will give you a frequency peak/boost.
I've been using mine for a couple of years now and have been quite happy with it. The stock speakers are much better than I thought they would be, but I'd still rather have some Eminence Legend V12's. The dimensions stated above are correct, it's large for a 2x12, but due to the depth it makes it easy to put a rack case on it without worrying about anything falling off.

Bottom line: highly recommended
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don't suppose I can get some other little tidbits

how high are the 12's centered? Like at what point on the height is the center of the speakers? And are they equidistant (or whatever that word is) from each side/top?

and where is the center on the height for the ports? and what diameter are the ports? I should be able to find port inserts or something so it looks decent too, right?
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I love mine, awesome cabs, I need more room though, so it's for sale
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what's the diameter of those ports? I dont know anywhere around here that i'd be able to find one to mesure.
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You know, I've got good money that says Genz Benz has their contact information listed on their website. I'll bet they have all the tech specs.
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