I was wondering, are they really so great? The average matchess combo is $6000-7000 in Australia and the VOX AC30 is about $5000.

Are they really that great? Surely there are better amps for half the price.
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Either a Peavey 6505 or a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier.

Dual Rectifier heads are still like $4000 new.
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Quote by TylerDobson
Either a Peavey 6505 or a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier.

Completely different amps. There is no way I'd want either of them, but I would kill a puppy for an AC30 or Matchless. But they are brilliant amps.
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there are the vox ac30 custom classics, which are considerably cheaper than the handwired ac30's. I own one and it sounds amazing to me, I've also had compliments from owners of original ac30's

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Yeah, one of the guitarists in my band bought a new AC30 (I believe one of the Custom Classics) for somewhere between 1-2k. It sounds good, maybe could benefit from a speaker change, but it's good from the outset.

Not really relevant to your question, just pointing out that AC30's aren't all that expensive, and that you can get a pretty decent amp (essentially, the same amp with some lesser qualities) for about one third of the price you gave up there.

Oh, and of course, he bought it before our dollar went to ****, so everything would be more expensive now.