Hi, just got a few questions about this amp for those who have tried it or own one.

1.) I read somewhere it doesn't have a standby switch yet it is all tube, how does this work?

2.) Also, because it has no effects loop, will my delay pedal not sound as good when used with a distortion pedal or something similiar?

3.) Does anyone know a website that ships them internationally (Australia) or anyone willing to sell one?

Any opinions on the amp itself / reccomendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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1. It's alright, it'll still work the same way as any other tube amp, but you just flip the power switch on to turn it on, instead of both the power and standby.

2. I don't use my delay in the loop because it is too noisy. It's alright, think of the loop as something extra. It's definitely not something you need.

3. Not sure.

They're great amps for the price, definitely keep looking into them!
Thanks for the reply. I was just thinking about the first question, the tubes would probably burn out quicker wouldn't they? Seeing as though they have less time to warm up before playing. Just wish it wasn't so hard finding one of these in Australia, seems like the perfect amp for me!
keep the volume on zero a couple of minutes before playing.

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