Okay i know what youre thinking.. Another Satch Vs Coldplay thread..

well it is.. but theres more than that.
coldplay has said that the similarities between Viva La Vida and If I Could Fly are purely coincidental and unintentional.. okay as unlikely as it may seem.. one can still believe that may have happened.. but TWICE on the SAME album??

This is a Song from Coldplays Album Viva La Vida, its called Lost and im sure everyones heard it.

THIS is a song from Black Label Society, you may have heard of them =|, its called In This River

The chord progression for In This River is Em, C, G, D..

Guess what the progression for Lost is??
thats right.. Em, C, G and D.


EDIT: I'm pointed out the similar chord progression to emphasize the point.. Listen to the melody and the guitar solo... its If I could fly vs viva la vida all over again.
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wow, the chord progressions are the same, what a huge shocker.

that chord progression is used all the time. i can think of five songs off the top of my head with the same one. it's just an easy, popular one that anyone can pick up.

EDIT: actually, after hearing them both, they did use the same type of rhythm throughout. it might have carried over. oh well. it only adds to the endless list.
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Guess what? There are probably over 9000 songs that use that progression, it's not like it's a brilliant chord progression or something. The very idea of claiming ownership to four simple chords is as absurd to me as copyrighting a freaking banana or something "Hey, you can't eat that! It's a banana, I own the rights to those".
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Wow, you should really try and bring this to light.
But then again, that is a very common chord progression.
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okay it is a common chord progression thats true.. but the solo.. the melody.. all of this is exactly alike.. try playing both songs over each other. you'll get what im saying..
I don't get what you're saying. I've heard this song before, didn't make me think of In This River at all when I heard it.

Ofcourse songs using the same chord progressio will fit well together. Havn't you heard those things where people mix songs? It doesn't mean they are plagiarising. The only real similar thing here is in the piano, but this isn't even the original version. Listen to the proper version and you won't hear any similarities at all, assuming you ignore the progression.
i just wouldnt understand how a band that has been around and writing together for more than a decade all of a sudden had to STEAL that chord progression.
Zombie by the Cranberries uses a similar progression...moderations on the C, G, and D but still the same root. very popular progression obviously.
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apart from the chord progression.. Try listening to the solo. Its exactly the way chris martin sings his vocals. IM NOT BASING THIS ON CHORD PROGRESSIONS ALONE BECAUSE I KNOW THAT YES, IT IS VERY COMMON. But listen to the piano intro, the solo and you'll get what im saying.
LOL imagine how many people pachabel would have sued if he was still alive

also most rap/rnb/hip hop stuff use "sampling" which is another word for legal rip off

eg. that fat guy sean kingston used the bassline from Ben E King-stand by me,
Oasis used the piano riff from John Lennon's Imagine for look back in anger

Seriously, it's a chrod progression. A common one, at that. That chord progression has been played by numerous band, artists and composers.
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