I never even heard of anchoring until a month or so ago, and ive been playing for 2 years-ish.
where did the concept of anchoring even start?
No one will be able to answer that probably.

And avoid anchoring, there is a whole thread which will tell you why. Stickied I think. Somewhere in MT anyway.
My teacher never told me anything about it. (I think he may have anchored as well) I just did it naturally like most of us. Fortunately it wasn't too hard a habit to break for me.
What is Anchoring? I haven't heard of this concept.
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im never gonna be anchoring, or starting to, or started to so yeah. im just wondering..why bother?

and to crimzin..i THINK its....when you put your pinky where your bridge is...the further side of the bridge. some kind of support maybe?
Its where you have to keep contact with your guitar as a reference point to be able to play properly - like keeping your pinky touching a certain spot on your guitar to be able to pick properly.

A lot of people do it naturally, but it can limit your movement so you may not be able to play as well anchoring as you could if you didn't anchor.