okay basically i just activated this account to ask this question and all feedback is appreciated. heres what the deal is.

i'm in a metal band with 2 guitarists.

Here is the equpiment info on both and then i will state the issue at hand.

Lead guitarist plays a Line 6 solid state head with a crate cab, and a Jackson Rhodes V with Kerry King Emgs. and just a boss equalizer pedal Nothing THAT special but he manages to get a pretty good sound for what hes dealing with. Well rounded with plenty of balls but still very clear. Better than the guitarist who plays...

Peavey 5150, with a Kerry King 10 band equalizer, bbe sonic maximizer, and some sort of limiter/noise gate pedal, cant remember at this second. With an esp viper and his tone is complete ****. Its all treble, has the gain cranked way too high and has no balls whatsoever.

The issue here is whenever I or anyone else says something about changing his tone he turns into a pissy ****in emotional bitch.

I tried explaining to him (being a bass player mind you) That he should try to match our other guitar players (way better) tone. Am I out of line saying that when you have 2 guitarist in a metal band that the tones should be matched to create an overall better sound? and not have one guitar just cutting through everything with all the gain and treble? Every single show he cuts through and leaves our lead guitar in the dust.

What are your thoughts on tone matching?
Depends on the metal I guess.
For your normal thrash/heavy/black metal, you want both tones to be the same, or pretty similar.
For avant-garde/serial metal, you might as well have them be different. Though I'm guessing your not doing this.
Unless they're playing two completely different roles in the band with two completely different parts, have the tone be similar.
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just mess with his settings when he goes to take a whizz at practice or something
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Make sure the 5150's volume is WAAAY up, and i'm talking at least 5.

Tell him to take the Kerry King EQ out of his rig for now, then set all dials on his amp to 5 and scuplt the tone from there, when you are satisfied with it, add the EQ back in (again with the tones in the middle, and sculpt again.)

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whoa. that's weird. You're saying his 5150 sounds worse than the LINE6.

Which LINE6 is this?

And you shouldn't allow him the play with **** tone. Turn off his gear when it sounds bad and tell him if he doesn't fix it, it will continue to be turned off.
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That's a bad situation, gotta be said. If he's tearing through one lead guitarist, I'm guessing you've got very little effect on the sound of the band as a bassist? Anyways, he should be working on the same levels as everyone else in the band, obviously - When you get some autocratic guitarist trying to rule it over everyone else, it's gonna cause a serious problem in the band, no doubt.

I'd say to try and push through your opinion on the situation, or get another guitarist - For a bloke who uses signature gear primarily, he doesn't sound like someone who knows a great deal about his profession. Good luck!
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I haven't heard a good Line6 amp yet! I think the problem is your lead Guitar player and not so much the rhythm guys tone. Don't get me wrong he's still part of the problem but a lead player should always be just a touch louder than the rhythm guy especially during solos and just him not being able to keep up with the Peavy amp cuz of his solid state amp could be enough to make the mix sound crappy.

With that said do you have a recording of your band? I guess its the signature thin loud buzzy tone your rhythm guy has correct?
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or get a new guitarist.


or if you think he's worth keeping (which he doesnt to me...) tell him to stop being a douche bag and get him to change his EQ settings because he sounds like crap.

as for tones in two guitar bands, i like it when they are different and sound unique on their own but really complement each other well when both guitars are playing at the same time. Obviously the lead guitarist should be the most potent when it comes to "cutting through" though.